Evolution Martial Arts || Testimonials

My two sons have been under the excellent guidance and instruction of Sensei Gord and Sensei Ashley for 8 years now, and have gained focus, confidence, a positive attitude, and respect, not to mention a tremendous knowledge of martial arts skills and safety awareness / self defense skills.....all while having so much fun!! I recently joined EMA and I am also benefiting with exercise, martial arts knowledge and training, and having a great time while doing it! EMA has been a great addition to our family life, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of its owners / instructors. Gord and Ashley are the best! Ennio Carino (on behalf of Nick and Mikael)

Hi Sensei Gord and Ashley, it's Scotty. I just wanted to make a testimonial for the website about what EMA has done for me. Here it is . . . Being part of the 'NUMBER 1!' karate school in Ancaster feels great. I have learned many great things about karate and lessons about doing things outside karate and carrying over the black belt qualities(focus, discipline, curtiousy, honesty and etc.) into my everyday life. When I go to karate during the week I feel a sense of happiness and pride. Being part of EMA is like being part of a second family and my home away from home. If you need help in karate, Sensei Gord and Ashley will take the time to help you. If you need to talk to them about a situtation outside of karate them will talk to you. Thank-you soooo much! Sincerely, - Scotty

We are very lucky to be a parts of Evolution Martial Arts and their great teachers. Five years ago our daughter began her journey in karate. Sensei Gord and Sensei Ashley have both been constant positive role models and fabulous instructors. It is so wonderful that she has been taught by dedicated, strong and skillful instructors. They have helped her set attainable goals, have kept her physically fit and she has had a ton of fun along the way! Thank you Evolution Martial Arts - The Bakers

Being a part of EMA makes me feel happy inside. You have taught me for many years and I couldn't have asked for better teaching and teachers. I am proud to say that I have become a good martial artist because of you and I am proud to be a part of EMA. Thank you - Jordan

If someone were to ask me how to describe Evolution Martial Arts in one word, I would have to say "FAMILY" Sensei Gord and Sensei Asley treat every child with such care and compassion. The respect that they give and receive is amazing.They have a special bond with these children as well as the adults, which enables them to teach with such strength. My children love being apart of EMA, their being taught an amazing sport at the same time as always having "FUN". I Thankyou for being apart of my children’s lives. Sincerely Your Friend - Risa

Hi Gord and Ashley, We'd like to thank you both on all the committment and professionalism you have shown Hayden over the years. As he is about to test for his black belt we are reminded of his journey up until this point. We would like to offer a testimonial to that on behalf of our family and Hayden.
Here it goes...Children are very interesting creatures! Some are passive and shy, and some are energetic and a little too aggressive! As parents we have witnessed how martial arts helps children to build confidence, respect, discipline and focus that carries over into all aspects of life. Kids are encouraged to be the best they can be, not only in class, but at home and school as well. Sensei Gord and Sensei Ashley are experts on teaching and mentoring kids through Karate. They are true professionals and their committment to building positive life lessons into their teaching are invaluable. As well, lessons about stranger danger and how to manage uncertain situations are tailored to the particular developmental level of the children and are reinforced in the martial arts training through the years. Children are encouraged to set higher standards for themselves, and are taught how to set goals and strive to reach them. Each belt level achieved, whether it be a white belt or a black belt, is a symbol for all the effort given, dedication demonstrated and achievement gained. Children feel a real sense of accomplishment, develope self worth, self respect and self esteem in the process. Karate is an individual effort experienced in a team setting. As parents we have witmessed what Karate has done for our kids, and we truly value the committment Sensei Gord and Sensei Ashley have shown us and our children through the years. Sincerely, - Jillian and Brent Wirzman