Karate at Evolution Martial Arts

Karate At EMA Martial arts is not a sport.  It is a way of life.  It teaches both important physical and mental qualities through martial arts techniques.  It is important to understand that martial arts is not a team activity, but an individual activity.  Although your classmates and instructors are there to support you, progress is based on your individual goals and achievements.  This allows for each student to work towards their own physical and mental needs to become the best martial artist and person they can be!

Karate At EMA

                Martial arts teaches us important physical skills such as balance coordination, control, strength and how to stay fit.  At EMA we make fitness fun for all ages so everyone can achieve their own physical goals.

                Part of our mental and physical development is done through forms and self-defence.  Students will learn how to use martial arts techniques in sequence to create a form, and how to use confidence and technique to get out of a scary or sometimes dangerous situation.